Monday, 6 April 2015

Why Your Business Needs Cloud Accounting

Small, medium or big enterprises, they all need accounting in some form or another. We cannot imagine a business being run without proper accounting practices in place and that too managed by either one person or team of accountants, depending upon the business needs. As we understand that in recent years it is being observed that more and more businesses are switching to cloud based accounting compared to stand alone enterprise accounting solutions. Here in this article we will see that why in practice does your business needs Cloud accounting solution. Read on to find out more.

Real time computing
What real time computing really means here is that all the features and functionality of a cloud based accounting software are up to date to the last minute. It’s quite possible that your accountant may be working on a file and you, yourself are working on the same file, which means real time up to date communication and interaction. Your data is updated in real time and whatever information you have is fresh and latest.

Backup and updates
The best part with the process of cloud accounting is that you don’t really need to take regular backups, as this is the headache of the company providing the service. Apart from that regular updates to the accounting software is also not required since the software is hosted on the remote servers. All in all you don’t need any dedicated IT staff as such and all your data is safe and secure.

Better business decisions
As your data is in real time always, you can make well-informed and better business decisions. Gone are the days when all your data used to reside on one server or PC and you had to access that particular machine in order to get the latest information. Now you can access your data from any device, which has Internet connectivity and stay informed all the time.

Flexibility and mobility
There are some tasks that you can easily achieve while you are on cloud computing, which otherwise would have been impossible to do. Like if you are traveling or on vacation then you can easily access all you data on the go and be informed about what’s going on in your absence. You can check your outstanding invoices, account balances and similar figures and reports that would have been impossible otherwise. In the long run it reduces business related stress and improves your lifestyle as well because you are not tied to one place or machine.

Reduced cost and increased efficiency
As you can visualize that you don’t need to hire any dedicated IT staff as well as full time accountants, you save money in return. All your data is safe and secure on the remote servers and is accessible all the time on any device, which is connected through Internet. You have all the latest information available with you 24/7 so your efficiency increases and you make balanced well-informed decisions.

Paula Barbuda (Certified Quickbooks Pro-Advisor) Partner at (We are QuickBooks professionals. We provide outsourced Bookkeeping services to CPA firms and small businesses. Our goal is to provide professional, affordable, and timely accounting services to small and medium business while adhering to high standards of quality and integrity.)